Stefan Vreugdenhil third in Noordwijk

This weekend the Mitsubishi Motors Beach Race took place over 52 kilometres at the North Sea Coast. Under a beautiful winter sun climbing up above the dunes and with a firm southern tail wind, the competitors went full speed to the turning point at IJmuiden. A large leading group formed after the turning point which would remain together until Noordwijk.


‘The pace was high right from the start today. Teammate Bram Rood and I were part of a group just behind the three front runners. But at Zandvoort there was a collision which separated me from the group. At the turning point we managed to join the leading group, but because of strong head winds another group joined, including teammembers Ramses Bekkenk and Ad de Brabander. Together with Bram they helped me get a good position to start the finale sprint, but unfortunately I had to get off my bike in the last meters before reaching the Boulevard. Winner Thijs Zonneveld and runner-up Ronan van Zandbeek were too far ahead by then for me to win more than a third placing’, states Vreugdenhil.