Vreugdenhil just misses the podium after a strong race in Egmond

Tough conditions during the National Championships Beachracing in Egmond this weekend. With a strong headwind Ike Groen and Stefan Vreugdenhil attacked from the start. They cooperated very well together and managed to arrive one minute ahead the peloton at the turning point after 21 kilometres. Also on the way back it all went well for this duo and it looked they would be the ones who had to battle for the red, white blue jersey.


“I had Ramses Bekkenk and Bram Rood in the group behind me and they protected my break away. Unfortunately on the way back Bram crashed on someone who was heading to the turning point. This gave three men the change to escape and catch up with us. There were two teammates of Groen in this three men group. I managed to counter one attack of this team but at the second attack I had to let the later winner Richard Jansen go. I am very disappointed because as a team we had everything under control and now we are left with empty hands.”, stated Vreugdenhil.