Stefan Vreugdenhil second on the beach in Renesse

Last weekend he just missed the podium but today he was there aside of winner Thijs Zonneveld. Vreugdenhil attacked with five kilometers to go while riding in a twelve men leading group from the start. Zonneveld made the jump to Vreugdenhil and both men were out in front. In a long sprint through loose sand Zonneveld appeared to be the strongest.

‘Right from the start we escaped with fourteen riders from which two lost contact with our group. I had Bram Rood as a teammate in the group and decided to go for it and got company from Zonneveld. His attack in the final was so strong that I could not catch his wheel and my chance for victory was gone.’, stated Vreugdenhil. Ramon Sinkeldam took third place and Bram Rood finished tenth. Teammates Robby de Bock and Martin Schuttert were part of a large chasing group where de Bock won the sprint for place thirteen and Schuttert ended at place twenty.