Stefan Vreugdenhil misses podium by 0,004 seconds

This weekend Stefan Stefan Vreugdenhil had a double program on the beach. On Saturday he started in Castricum and could count on his teammates Ramses Bekkenk, Gerben Mos and Martin Schuttert. On Sunday he was out on his own in the ‘Westland MTB Challenge’. Both races were won by Tim Kerkhof.

In Castricum it was Gerben Mos who managed to escape with six men which formed the leading group shortly followed by five men including Vreugdenhil. Mos lost contact with the leaders at a technical section and was caught by the second group. The leaders stayed away and Vreugdenhil finished 7th, Mos 11th, Schuttert 21th and Bekkenk arrived short behind within top 30. On Sunday Vreugdenhil was in the leading group but finished at 0,004 seconds in  a ‘sprint-à-deux’ behind Jasper Ockeloen.