Stefan Vreugdenhil at second place on the beach again

Stefan Vreugdenhil managed to catch a podium in a Topcompetition beachrace again! Unfortunately not at rank one as he was beaten bij Sven Broekaart in Castricum this time. Last week he also finished second behind Zonneveld in Renesse. Vreugdenhil rode a solid race and was present in several escapes and by far the most active rider.

‘Heading North I already managed to escape with four men but we got stuck on the beach in very loose sand which we couldn’t see as there was a layer of snow on it. The big bunch catched us but was also cut in half by the hard beach section. After we had turned I escaped with Richard Jansen and with Ramses Bekkenk in the chasing group a had someone protecting my escape. In the final some riders returned and I choose the wrong part of the beach and was beaten. It would have been great to end the Topcompetition with another win.’, stated Vreugdenhil. Bekkenk arrived shortly after Vreugdenhil at 6th place and Martin Schuttert and Bram Rood came in at 17th and 18th place.