Rood en Vreugdenhil survive in King stage Transalp

Stage 3 from Nauders to Naturns was marked as the king stage in 2014 TransAlp. With 100 kilometres and 3400 altimeters ahead from the start it goes immediate to the highest point of the stage to ‘Bruggeralm’ at 1900 metres. Stage winners today were Markus Kaufmann and Jochen Käß who also kept the lead in the general classification.

“The first 50 kilometres in today’s stage were very difficult and it they were hard for Stefan. I think we were riding 25th spot at that moment. Luckily temperature rose up to 20 degrees were at the start it was raining and cold. You could see Stefan improving as temperature was rising and so we managed to catch up time and riders. Only a flat tire in the last descend of ‘Marzonalm’ was a small which cost us some misfortune and time. Now hope it keeps warm and dry and we still have 4 stages to see what’s possible for our general classification.”, stated Bram Rood.