First 60 kilometres of hard work followed by 15 full of fun for Rood en Vreugdenhil

Stage 4 of TransAlp over 74 kilometer from Naturns to Sarntheim started and ended with sunshine and that made all competitors happy after two tough and rainy days. The lead in the general classification was still for Markus Kaufmann en Jochen Käß as they also won the 4 th stage. Vreugdenhil and Rood ended up at 16th place.

 “Today was marked as one of the most beautifull stages. Great scenery on the last climb and a technical descend in the forrest to the finish. The roadbook spoke about a ‘Trail Orgie’. Is was all true because the vieuws and last descend were great. But before we were up to that point we suffered a lot in the 30 kilometres climb to Vöraner Alm which seemed never ending. And once we were up we even had to battle a strong headwind.”, stated Bram Rood.