Ramses Bekkenk to ride Salzkammergut marathon

Although still recovering from a brushed shoulder and ribs due to a crash in Titan Desert Ramses Bekkenk is working towards two new goals. These goals need a lot of training hours as he will do the National Championships 24 hours race on 6 and 7 June and one month later he will ride the 211 kilometres long Salzkammergut marathon in Austria.RamsesBekkenk

‘Luckily I recover well from my crash in Titan Desert as I need to do some long rides for coming races. Salzkammergut was already on my list for a while and finally I will ride it this year. It will be a complete new experience for me as well as I have never ridden over seven thousand altimeters in one race. It will be a real challenge but I am looking forward to it.’, stated Bekkenk.