Brouwer wins and de Bock and Bekkenk at second place

Karen Brouwer and Ramses Bekkenk had a strong ride in Germany which brought them a podium place in a marathon over 100 kilometres in Emmelshausen. Brouwer took the lead from start to finish and Bekkenk was also in the lead with Mathias Frohn in the race over 2500 altimeters. Unfortunately Bekkenk crashed in the final and could not like Brouwer step on the highest podium spot. In Hamme De Bock managed to fight back to a second place in the Flanders series behind winner Nick de Vries.RobbyPOdiumHamme2 

‘I challenged myself today by starting much too fast for which I had to pay. Just halfway the race I found my rhythm back and could really give some power to the pedals. In the end I felt I ran out of food and that made me suffer again the last 10 kilometres to the finish line.’, stated Brouwer