Bram Rood proclaimed as winner stage six Titan Desert

Rood attacked from the start of stage six and after a long ‘chase’ on leaders Pedro Trujillo en Oscar Pereiro he finished 7 seconds behind winner Trujillo. Trujillo and Pereiro have been disqualified and removed from general classification as they did not start at the right place. Due to that Ramses Bekkenk and Bram Rood also move to 9th and 10th place in general classification.


‘I immediately attacked in the last stage and waited for Perez at the second check point. I was very surprised that in the final we caught up with Pereiro because I knew we were in the lead. Just before the finish line we saw Trujillo which we couldn’t catch anymore. I am glad the organisation after some protests takes proper action by disqualifying Trujillo and Pereiro.’, stated Rood.