Karen Brouwer and Bram Rood win Makelaarsland MTB Challenge

“Hargen aan Sail” is all about music, feast and sport this weekend at the coast of North Holland. The MTB event begins with the characteristic Le Mans start on the beach, where competitors first have to run towards their bikes. A start that perfectly suits ex-athlete Ramses Bekkenk.

‘During the running part over the beach I got a headstart, which I tried to extend as soon as I got on my bike. Unfortunately a group of riders was able to bridge the gap. For these short races I lack explosivity, but it was a great training for the Dutch Championships next weekend in Noorbeek. Today I could not do better than a third place behind Thijs Al.’, Bekkenk says.

Bram Rood was not short of explosivity. He reached the finish line without a serious threat and therefore showed to be ready for the upcoming Dutch Championships. The same story applied for team member Karen Brouwer, who convincingly finished first in the women’s race.