Stefan Vreugdenhil winner in KMC Dijk tot Dijk race

Today was the second race for the national Beachrace competition with the ‘KMC Dijk tot Dijk race’ in Den Helder.  Stefan Vreugdenhil managed to beat his four breakaway companions in a long sprint and also took over the leaders jersey from teammate Ramses Bekkenk. Bekkenk had a bad day and lost contact with the leading group. A strong final brought him back in the race and he is still ranked at second place in the competition. stefankopgroepdijktotdijkdenhelder_directsportfoto

‘The race went well for our team as Bram and Ramses were present fom the start in the eight men leading group. I was with Martin Schuttert in the group behind and we united with the front group so we headed tot he turning point with almost fourty men. After the turning point the group split and we were all in front. With five men I managed to escape and after a long sprint I took the victory by beating Ronan van Zandbeek.’, stated Vreugdenhil. Bram Rood finished 7th, Ramses Bekkenk 17th and Martin Schuttert 19th.