Ramses Bekkenk wins in Den Helder for seventh time

etter to attack than to defend was Ramses Bekkenk his thought this early morning in oek van Holland. Right from the start he attacked together with Robbert de Nijs and wonHoek van Holland – Den Helder over 130 kilometers along the Dutch coastline for the seventh time in his career! It was only in the neutral zone in Wijk aan Zee that a group was able to catch up with Bekkenk and De Nijs. After this neutral zone it were Bekkenk and de Nijs again who escaped together with Jasper Ockeloen and Bekkenk’s teammate Bram Rood. Rood sacrificed his own chances for third place by working for teamie Bekkenk who managed to escape from de Nijs in the final. De Nijs and Ockeloen finished second and third just in front af an exhausted Rood. ramsesrobberthvh20161030_hvh_dh_0024a1920

Foto: www.directsportfoto.nl