Bram Rood on podium at BeachBattle Wijk aan Zee

In advance everyone knew that the 2016 edition of BeachBattle would be a tough one as the beach was hard to ride. When the wind also joined ‘the party’ is was clear it was going to be a race for the real men. Soon there was a six men leading group with Ramses Bekkenk, Bram Rood, Ronan van Zandbeek, Richard Jansen, Jasper Ockeloen and Lars Boom.  bekkenkboomrood20161127_bachbattle_0854a1920

Ockeloen and Boom managed to escape halfway course and finally it was Boom who rode to victory. Behind leading couple KMC-Fruit to Go duo Rood and Bekkenk left Jansen and van Zandbeek behind and Rood took last left podium place in front of Bekkenk. Teammate Stefan Vreugdenhil finished fifteenth.ockeloenboomroodpodium20161127_bachbattle_1216a1920