Gerben Mos third in ‘Drenthe 200’

As a marathon rider Gerben Mos is used to start early but six o’clock is really early. Together with eleven hundred other offroad riders he was at the start line in Roden for a ride over 200 kilometers through Dutch province Drenthe. In the end he remained in front with the later winner Bas Peeters and Roel Verhoeven.gerbenpodiumdrenthe200 

‘From the start the pace was very high and I think some guys gave there already all they had as our leading group got smaller and smaller. Fast sections were differed by muddy sections and more technical mountainbike trails. After Veenhuizen it became hard for me and I had to let go Bas and Roel. From than on it was me on my own to the finish line in Roden.’, stated Mos. Teammate Ramses Bekkenk had to deal with problems with his light just after the start and didn’t manage to get back in front and finished at 9th place.