Stefan Vreugdenhil and Martin Schuttert win ‘Frisian Elfsteden’ MTB marathon

The ‘Elfsteden’ MTB marathon in short: a three day long, 440 kilometer duo mountainbikerace over the Frisian Elfsteden route. In accordance with the Enduro principal, five time trials define the classification while in the meantime riders can continue on their own paste.

Friday started off with a 120 kilometre tour from Dokkum to Bergum, ending with a time trial over 45 kilometre. Vreugdenhil and Schuttert started strong right away, winning the first time trial. The next day, a 140 kilometre tour from Bergum to Molkwerum, they were fastest in the first time trial over 25 kilometre and second in the last time trial over 35 kilometre through the woods of Gaasterland. On the last day, the race started in Molkwerum, going via Harlingen to Dokkum over 180 kilometres. Vreugdenhil and Schuttert won both time trials over 35 and 20 kilometre.

“Two months ago Martin asked me to join him in this event. Since I do a lot of on road cycling as well, this marathon definitely suits me and I am always in for a challenging course. I find it admirable how the organisation managed to combine so many woods, paths, dikes, meadows and some paved roads to make a 440 kilometre long marathon route!”, stated Stefan Vreugdenhil.