Ramses Bekkenk third at EC Beachrace

The first European Championships Beachrace took place in Scheveningen today. The riders had to do two laps of 27 kilometers on the beach, through loose sand, dunes and across the Scheveningen Boulevard. Soon it were the later winner Jasper Ockeloen, Ronan van Zandbeek, Ramses Bekkenkand Jordy Buskermolen who managed to take the lead.ramsespodiumekscheveningen

‘After the turning point near to Katwijk we managed to escpae with four strong men of which Buskermolen had to let us go halfway. We know each other well as we have ridden several races already together in the front. In the final it was more a tactical game which was played the best by the strong Ockeloen. For me there was not more to gain than third place today. I am happy as I have to do this pace for 200 kilometers in one and a half week in an offroad ride called Drenthe 200.’, stated Bekkenk. Whole KMC-Fruit to Go team performed strong at following places: Stefan Vreugdenhil 4th, Robby de Bock 7th, Bram Rood 8th, Gerben Mos 18th and Martin Schuttert 26th.