Ramses Bekkenk second in Egmond

Ramses Bekkenk has shown his excellent shape immediately in the first beachrace of this season in Egmond today. From the start he took initiative and forced a leading group of five men. Besides later winner Ronan van Zandbeek both Imming brothers and Patrick Kos were in this group. Halfway Imming brothers and Kos were no longer able to keep up and from then on it was between Bekkenk and van Zandbeek. ‘I know I am a slow finisher so when I saw both Imming brothers coming back in the final I decided to keep riding. With van Zandbeek in your wheel you know this means he will win but this was best option for me. Tomorrow we ride from Hoek van Holland to Den Helder over 130 kilometers. Another day another chance.’, Stated Bekkenk.RamsesDerpVanZandbeek