Ramses Bekkenk wins in Den Helder

After they dominated the race in Egmond on Saturday Ramses Bekkenk and Ronan van Zandbeek did it again in the ‘classic’ Hoek van Holland to Den Helder over 130 kilometres. Van Zandbeek was the only one who could counter Bekkenk when he attacked and left the six man leading group with Bekkenk’s teammates Bram Rood and Stefan Vreugdenhil behind. ‘With Bram and Stefan behind me Ronan knew he had to do the work if we wanted to stay away. The day before I had to deal with a similar situation in Egmond but was it me who had to the work. In the final I could easily leave Ronan behind in the last loose sand section.’, stated Bekkenk. Rood and Vreugdenhil made success for KMC-Mitsubishi-Koga team even bigger by finishing on third and fourth place.BramRamsesStefan2