Ramses Bekkenk ready for the 75ONE Challenge

Ramses Bekkenk is in shape and misses the races. Last year around this time he was riding the 36One in South Africa. The race over 361 kilometers in Oudtshoorn which he managed to win three times in a row but now he faces an empty race calender. Bekkenk is used to challenge himself by racing all over the globe but his next challenge will be closeby. In the province Drenthe he will race the existing races Drenthe 200, Bartje 200 and Hunebedden 350 in a row.

‘I have seen all the routes around my house and decided to challenge myself. A long solo ride to test man and machine and to enjoy the surroundings. I shared my idea a month ago with my teammanager Martin Schuttert and he came up with the idea of the 75One Challenge. Johan Wekema en Rob van Baak from Bolane made the route for us. I will start on Thursday 14th of May at Hotel Wesseling in Dwingeloo and I will ride one lap around the hotel whem I finish to complete the 751 kilometers. During my challenge people can follow me as I will be riding with a Spot device which gives my exact location and can be used in case of emergency. Every 100 kilometers I will have a short stop to refill my bottles and get some food and change clothing if necessary. I am looking forward to this adventure.’, stated Bekkenk.

photo: Erik Ruigewaard