Roel Verhoeven rides 10.241 altimeters during his Everesting Challenge

Roel Verhoeven couldn’t get enough of riding his Everesting Challenge on the van Randwijckweg in Beek-Ubbergen yesterday so he decided to continue and complete just over 10.000 altimeters. Around four o’clock in the morning he clicked in his pedals and around half past six in the evening his mission was completed.

‘The circumstances were really good with dry roads and a temperature around 16 degrees. This is perfect for this kind of efforts. My shape was really good and I was able to keep the pace till the end and therefore I decided to continue after 8.848 meters and to go for 10.000 altimeters. This morning after the challenge I really felt my upper legs but I have cleaned my Lapierre roadbike already and the bike is ready for a new adventure,’, stated a smiling Verhoeven.