Ramses Bekkenk finishes his 75OneChallenge in Dwingeloo

In May Ramses Bekkenk didn’t succeed in finishing his 75OneChallenge but yesterday evening he arrived quite fit after 37 hours and 30 minutes of cycling. He left on Monday morning at 7.00 AM from Hotel Wesseling. Bekkenk likes to challenge his body and mind by racing all over the globe for many years but the current ‘world’ situation forced him to find challenges close to home. When he told to his team he wanted to do a solo ride between 700 and 800k they came up with the idea to race three existing races called Drenthe 200, Bartje 200 and Hunebedden 350 in a row. A new monster ride with a name inspired by the 36One Challenge was born. 

‘My start was perfect with dry weather, a good temperature to cycle and also eating and drinking went well. The first problems appeared around midnight when I took not enough time to eat and drink as I was riding on a tecnical mountainbike track and concentrating on navigation and keeping track. Therefore I decided to take a long rest at the next stop to sleep and eat. Luckily it stayed dry longer than expected but around 10.00 AM on Tuesday morning I was soken wet for the first time and it would not be last time either. In the last 20k to the finish line I had a hard time on the rough mountainbike sections but I am happy and relieved I could accomplish this tough tour.’, stated Bekkenk.