KMC-Fruit To Go on Ridley mountainbikes in 2018

The  KMC-Fruit to Go team will be riding on Ridley mountainbikes in 2018. The choice for Belgian topbrand Ridley is a logical one. ‘With our team we do not only race mountainbikes but our riders are also active in beachraces, cycloscross and gravel races. This means we are whole year round competing and visible for our sponsors and partners.

‘As a team we want to keep playing an active role in product development for current and future offroad disciplines. Together with Ridley we see that new races appear in which the choice of bike is free and that the borders between cyclocross and mountainbike has disappeared. We will share our knowledge not only to develop mountainbikes but also new bikes for allroad use.’, stated teammanager Martin Schuttert.