Bram Rood second on the beach in Renesse

A fast start and a strong final resulted in a second place in de Koga MTB Beachrace in Renesse for Bram Rood today. From the loose sand at the start line the KMC-Fruit to Go rider had an amazing start with his teammates Ramses Bekkenk and Stefan Vreugdenhil in his wheel. After Vreugdenhil lost contact it were Rick van Breda and Thijs Zonneveld who managed to close the gap to Bram Rood, Ramses Bekkenk, Bram Imming and Ronan van Zandbeek. The leading group who was going to battle for victory was formed.

‘From the start we had tail wind and when a looked over my shoulder when we left the beach for the first time I saw to my sursprise that we already had a small leading group. Working well together we increased our lead over the race. Unfortunately for me Ronan was just a bit to strong in the final sprint.’, stated Rood. Teammates Ramses Bekkenk, Stefan Vreugdenhil and Martin Schuttert crossed the line at fifth, ninth and twentieth place.