Karen Brouwer wins in Grafshaft, Ramses Bekkenk at 2th place

Karen Brouwer was not able to break her course record from last year but was again the strongest in the 111 kilometres long marathon in Grafshaft. Ramses Bekkenk had a good as well and finished 2 th behind winner Mathias Frohn. Bram Rood made his comeback after his injury in Transalp and took 8th place before Ad de Brabander at 14th place.KarenGrafshaftPodium 

“I remembered from last year’s marathon that it was a fast one and there were some fast German ladies at the start so I decided to start fast. Afterwards I took more my own pace as this was a long race with 111 kilometres. Luckily I managed to keep a steady speed and after five hours and twelve minutes a arrived as first lady.’, explains a satisfied Brouwer.RamsesGrafshaftPodium