Great fun for de Bock in last stage in Transalp

Robby de Bock woke up this morning by falling raindrops on the roof of his mobil home. But at start time in Levico Terme the sun was already shining and temperature was rising throughout the day. From the start the race went slightly uphill with some small climbs and descends which ended in the Etschtal. From this valley in Aldeno, which is at 200 meter altitude, started one of the most though climbs of this Transalp to Bocca Vaiona at 1700 meter altitude.RobbyTA7_Final

‘I arrived alone in the valley and started the climb on my own as well. Maybe that was not that bad as this climb was so hard that you had to climb in your own pace. There were parts which were so steep that I had to give everything. Afterwards came the reward with a great descend in which I caught up with some other riders. Together we rode to the finish line and I took a dive in the Lake in Riva. Happy with today’s result as second solo rider and at 9th place between teams.’, stated de Bock.