Bad luck for de Bock in stage six in Transalp

With the climb from San Martino to Malga Tognola the Transalp bikers left the Dolomites behind this morning on their way to arrival place Levico Terme. At the top one of the greatest descends of this year’s Transalp to Cairia was waiting for the bikers but exact on that descend de Bock flattened when he overtook two riders who were not able to follow the pace of the group.RobbyTA6

‘At the top I was in a good group riding for place six till ten. In the descend I was behind two guys who did not go that fast and as I did not want to lose the group I took the risk and passed them on a more rocky part of the track. Bad luck because I flattened and lost a lot of time. Because it happened in the first descend all fast riders already passed me and I knew I was out on my own and it would be a long day without help. Tomorrow last stage and last change for a good result.’, stated a combative de Bock.