Brouwer and de Bock at second place in Oldenzaal and La Trace d’Hez

After their win last weekend Karen Brouwer and Robby de Bock finished second this weekend in Oldenzaal and La Trace d’Hez. La Trace d’Hez is a chrono of 75 kilometers and de Bock was beaten in the sprint by Joris Massaer. Brouwer finished second behind Reza Hormes-Ravenstijn who escaped early in the race. On the short lap in Oldenzaal Karen was chasing with Linda ter Beek. She left Linda behind in the last lap but Karen came too short for victory.


Teammember Ramses Bekkenk did his first marathon of the season and after 4:59:10 he finished at 4th place in Kellerwald marathon. Stefan Vreugdenhil rode a solid race which brought him to 9th place in 5:18:53. Bram had to deal with bad luck and therefore only an 11th place was his share.