Bekkenk, Rood and Vreugdenhil to The Titan Desert

Ramses Bekkenk, Bram Rood and Stefan Vreugdenhil will travel to Morocco to ride The Titan Desert from April 27th to May 2nd. Together with more than 500 bikers they will battle it out over more than 600km and have to endure the most extreme conditions and the gruelling heat of the desert. The most spectacular and perhaps most difficult stage of the race will be disputed in the pass through the famous Erg Chebbi dunes. So a challenge only for the bravest!


‘This will be a really tough race not only because of the length and heat but also because we will not be in hotels between the stages but will stay in haimas. These tents were originally used by the Berbers for shelter. There will also be a stage where we will have to take our own luggage from start to finish. We really look forward to this race and after our Beachrace season we will continue to ride on a really wide beach called dessert.’, stated National Champion Marathon Bram Rood.