Battle on the Beach for Ramses Bekkenk

Battle on the Beach is a race with mountainbikes, cyclocross bikes, Fatbikes and a few tandem bikes on the beach and single trails in South Wales. Last year Stefan Vreugdenhil and Karen Brouwer won the first edition and this year Bram Rood, Ramses Bekkenk, Stefan Vreugdenhil en Martin Schuttert stood at the startline on Pemprey Beach. Leaving the beach for the first time KMC-Mitsubishi riders increased the pace and managed to escape together with Maarten Himpens on the first single trail.

image‘Just before we entered the beach for the second time we took a wrong turn and six riders caught up with us but entering the single trails we were again with four men in the lead. On one of the climbs a pushed a bit and managed to escape. Afterwards I gave everything on the last beach section and knew the victory was mine.’, stated Bekkenk. Rood managed to escape the chasing group and Vreugdenhil won the sprint for place three. imageMartin Schuttert finished at 9th place.