Not Robby de Bock’s day today in Transalp

The advance Robby de Bock made in Transalp ended in fifth stage today from Alleghe to San Martino. The stage was characterized by a cross country like first part that ended in the climb of San Pellegrino pass. Initially de Bock was right up in front but a tricky section where he had to walk for a while broke him physically and mentally.RobbyTA5_3

‘Todays stage was not that long with 73 kilometres but after the first climb where I found a good rhythm I came at the section where I had to walk en where it went up and down . The good feeling of the first part of the race was gone and didn’t come back. Due to my weak day and the fact two other good riders entered the ‘solo’ field I was not the first solo rider this stage and around 14th place in general.’, stated de Bock.