Teus Ruijter third in Raid Bocq marathon

After a long period of drought, mountain bikers again had to deal with wet conditions today in Godinne, Belgium. The Raid Bocq marathon crosses three valleys over 100 kilometers: the Meuse Valley, the Bocq Valley and the famous Molignée Valley. From the start, Ruijter was well with the leading group, but a rider who crashed in front of him threatened to throw a spanner in the works. Ruijter lost touch with the leading group and took a little too much risk to return to the front, causing him to slide. Ultimately he managed to get back to the front and was left with the later winner Joris Massaer and Jens Keukeleire. Massaer proved to be the toughest and rode solo to victory, with Keukeleire shortly behind him, who defeated Ruijter in the sprint for silver.

Photo; Christophe Bortels