Strong Bram Rood misses podium at EC Beachrace in Scheveningen

A strong Bram Rood was part of the leading group with later winner Lars Boom, Richard Jansen and Bram Imming during the CAD&Company European Championships Beachrace in Scheveningen today. Early in the race these four adventurous men took a comfortable lead. On the last turning point Boom and Jansen escaped and Rood was forced to close the gap with Jansen’s teammate Imming in his wheel. Jansen was caught by Rood but the collaboration was gone and Mike Teunissen and Jasper Ockeloen joined the trio in the final part of the race. Boom his leading position was never in danger and Teunissen took second place in front of Imming. Rood finished sixth behind Jansen and Ockeloen. Teammate Gerben Mos arrived at 25th place. Unfortunately Tim Smeenge had to leave the race, in which he debuted on the beach, due to a mechanical problem.

The Masters 40+ had their own European Championships Beachrace and Ramses Bekkenk took the second place behind winner Erik Dekker. Martin Schuttert finished sixth.