Second victory for Bram Rood in Den Helder

With his victory in the KMC ‘Dijk tot Dijk’ race Bram Rood took his second on the beach today. Rood was part of a seven men leading group early in the race which is part of the Topcompetition. After the point of return the riders had a strong tailwind and Rood shifted gear and left Jansen, van Breda, Ockeloen, van Zandbeek, Imming and Groen behind.

‘Today another very strong day for me and great to win the race which is already sponsored for years by our main sponsor KMC. In this shape I am really looking forward to the European Championships beachrace in Scheveningen next weekend. ’, stated Rood. Rick van Breda and Richard Jansen finished second and third. Rood’s teammates Gerben Mos and Martin Schuttert were part of the chasing group behind the seven leaders.