Reijnhout, de Maar and Bekkenk toptrio at Drenthe 200

Onno Reijnhout, Marc de Maar and Ramses Bekkenk took the podium at the first edition of Drenthe 200. This race was created by Johan Wekema and goes offroad over 200 kilometers through the district  Drenthe as the name already indicates.  Riders are free to choose their bikes and at six o’clock in the morning there were mountainbikes, cyclocrossers, beachracers and Fatbikes at the startline in Roden. RamsesPodiumDrenthe200

Soon there was a zeven mans leading group and Reijnhout, de Maar and Bekkenk were part of it. This group decimated as some riders could not follow the pace or slipped as at some areas the course was quite slippery. Near Gieten it was Reijnhout who managed to escape and de Maar and Bekkenk didn’t see him again untill the award ceremony.