Ramses Bekkenk and Bram Rood on Podium in Wijk aan Zee

Despite a good rideable beach the elements rain, cold and a harsh wind made the beach Battle in Wijk aan Zee to a hard one. From the start it was Ramses Bekkenk who attacked and got company from later winner Jasper Ockeloen. Both men didn’t get space from the chasing group and around twelve men came together. Every round this group deminshed. In the final it were Rood and Ockeloen who entered the loose sand finishing zone in a man to man battle. Ockeloen just managed to beat Rood by a few centimeters. Rood’s teammates Bekkenk and Vreugdenhil arrived at 3th and 4th place at the finishline. At a beachrace in Belgium teammember Robby de Bock just missed the podium and ended at 4th place.BramRamsesStefanWijkaanZee