Ramses Bekkenk back to ‘The Munga’

Ramses Bekkenk will enter into adventure in South Africa by riding ‘The Munga’ again. The race with mainly headwind over 1070 kilometers from Bloemfontein to Wellington has to be ridden within five days. All participants racing have to decide upon their own how often and how how long they stop at one of the five race villages along the route. Bekkenk rode a new record with 50 hours and 30 minutes last year and has changed his equipment at some points to try to break his own record.

‘Initially my plan was to do no more long distance races this year anymore after Offroad Finnmark but after a while the fire led up again and nevertheless I will be at the start in Wellington. The main change is that I will be riding my Lapierre Prorace SAT. The ‘Shock Absorbing Technology’ will give me that extra comfort on the bumby gravel roads. Besides I will be riding a drop bar with extensions mounted on it which will give me an aerodynamic advantage. Last weeks I showed my shape is good. The cirumstances will be decisive if I can break the record.’, stated Bekkenk who will start at 27th of November.

photo: Erik Ruigewaard