Mitsubishi Motors co-namer of KMC-Koga mountainbiketeam

The successful KMC-Koga mountainbiketeam found a co-namer in Mitsubishi Motors. As from now, the team is called the KMC-Mitsubishi-Koga team and will be traveling in a Mitsubishi Outlander. ‘With spacious seats, great load space and 4WD the Outlander is an ideal partner for our team’, according to team manager Martin Schuttert. 

On behalf of Mitsubishi Motor Sales Netherlands, Tamara Oostveen illustrates: ‘Many of our customers have shown to be interested in cycling for fun. Furthermore, mountainbiking suits Mitsubishi very well. Our brand has an ‘off road’ heritage, with a history of many victories in the Dakar rally and the world championship rally. Moreover, mountainbiking visualizes our pay off ‘Drive@earth’ perfectly.

Mitsubishi Motor Sales Netherlands has been namer of the mountainbiketeam before, and was involved as a co-sponsor last year. The mountainbike sport is growing fast in the Netherlands. While top athletes compete in national and international races, more and more recreational sportsmen- and women enjoy mountainbiking as well as competing in –mainly long distance- races. In wintertime, mountainbike beachraces are highly popular so in this discipline too, top sport and recreational sports meet.