Karen Brouwer wins Vulkanbike marathon

Just like in 2016 Karen Brouwer managed to win the Vulkanbike marathon over 100 kilometers in Daun. Last year it was dry, hot and the sun was shinning as this year rain and mud determined the race circumstances. ‘This circumstances were obvious much harder than last year but I like that way as it makes it a more tougher race and you are more out on your own.’, stated Brouwer.

Teammates Bram Rood and Ramses Bekkenk were back in action as well after their adventure in Offroad Finnmark. With a fourth and fifth place they just missed the podium behind winner Robbert de Nijs. ‘Offroad Finnmark was tough and we actually just recovered from it. We didn’t had the illusion to be competitive already in Daun. ’, stated Bram Rood.