Gerben Mos wins the first edition of ‘Bartje 200’

On recreation park ‘Landal het land van Bartje’ in Ees the first edition of ‘Bartje200’ took place this weekend. This self supporting race over 200k has also a winter edition called Drenthe200. The circumstances were ideal with around 20 degrees and a dry course. As expected on the first mountainbike track near Sleen the leading group splitted and Gerben Mos, Ramses Bekkenk and Bram Rood were in front on behalf of KMC-Fruit to Go. The chasing group managed to come back once after the first feed zone but soon the strongest men took the lead again.

With around 40 kilometers to go Mos and Bekkenk didn’t had the support of Rood anymore as he crashed and lost contact with the leaders. Anne Mark van der Vlag, Henk Bos en Adriaan Botma were still in the leading group. In the final it was between van der Vlag, Mos and Bekkenk and van der Vlag had to chase Mos who managed to escape. With Bekkenk in his wheel van der Vlag could not close the gap and Mos took the victory in his home region race. ‘Emotional to win here on father’s day and a tribute to my passed away father Arjan.’, stated Mos.