Brouwer and Verhoeven on the podium in Gallahaan marathon

After she had already won this month in Grafshaft Karen Brouwer was the strongest in German Oppenhausen as well where she won a marathon over 82 kilometer today. KMC Teammates Roel Verhoeven and Ramses Bekkenk finished second an fifth behind German winner Mathias Frohn.

‘After a period where I struggled a bit with my shape I felt I had some power again today. The coming weeks I will start in Daun, the national Championships marathon during the Bart Brentjens Challenge and the Hondsrug Classic in Gieten. I am looking forward to perform in these races.’, stated Brouwer.

‘For a while I thought I could win but suddenly Frohn passed me so fast that I could not follow him and the second place was the best rank possible for me today.’, stated Verhoeven.