Bram Rood wins in Petten

A good start and a strong final led Bram Rood to victory in Petten today. That his shape was good he already showed two weeks ago in Katwijk but there he faced mechanical problems. Today the reward for all the hard work with the win as he managed to leave Rick van Breda behind. Teammate Ramses Bekkenk chased all race back to place three as he collided with another participant at the start and fell.

Each lap I already delt better with the loose sand section than Rick did but decided to wait till the last lap to leave him behind as there was a strong wind today. Early this year I bought Ditec Tweewielers bikeshop and almost had no time to train and do mountainbike races. My goal switched to the beachraces and I can feel I am much fresher this beach season than after a full mountainbike season. In this shape I am realy looking forward to coming beachraces.’, stated Rood.