Bekkenk, de Bock and Brouwer to victory

Ramses Bekkenk managed to win ‘Raid des Hautes Fagnes’ again after his previous win in 2008. This mountainbike marathon over 115 kilometers takes place in Malmedy Belgium. Under severe conditions KMC-Fruit to Go biker Bekkenk rode for six hours before he crossed the finish line. ‘This race has many single tracks and the rain made it a real tough race. In the last climb I felt there was no energy left but my lead was comfortable enough to win this race again.’, stated Bekkenk. Teammate Robby de Bock won the race over 90 kilometers in Malmedy.RamsesMalmedy

A bit more to the east in Germany Karen Brouwer won a marathon over 67 kilometers around the Rursee. This meant she took 14th place between the male riders. Bram Rood took a solid second place behind winner Robert Mennen in the marathon over 95 kilometers. Both Brouwer and Rood won the Open Dutch Champions in this race.