Stefan Vreugdenhil and Gerben Mos on the podium

Gerben Mos, Bram Rood and Bart Barkhuis kicked off this weekend for KMC mountainbiketeam by riding the MTB bar End Veluwe marathon. They finished third, fourth and fourteenth behind winner Bas Peeters and Tim Smeenge. On the fast course they had to do three laps of 35 kilometers and a four men leading group with Mos and Rood kept together till the end. Finally Peeters appaered to be the strongest in a succesful first edition of this marathon. GerbenApeldoornLowRes

On Easter Sunday Stefan Vreugdenhil, Ad de Brabander and Martin Schuttert started in the latest beachrace of the season in Scheveningen. Two laps of 27 kilometers from Scheveningen to Katwijk were their share. Vreugdenhil, de Brabander and Schuttert were part of the chasing group behind the escaped Richard Jansen. After Jansen was caught Vreugdenhil came in the lead with Bram Imming en Sander Lormans who are in the same team. They knew how to deal with Vreugdenhil by attacking several times. Behind winner Sander Lormans and Bram Imming it was Vreugdenhil who finished third. Schuttert and de Brabander crossed the line at sixth and seventh place.StefanSanderLowRes