Robby de Bock end winner Sudety MTB Challenge

Robby de Bock manged to win Sudety MTB Challenge in Poland today. This six days stage race over 370 kilometers takes place in Sudety area and the tracks go along Polish and Czech border. The race is known for its great singletracks and rough nature in all the stages. Due to a crash at the Belgium marathon championships three days prior to Sudety MTB Challenge it was just before the start unsure de Bock could start in Poland.RobbySudetyStage3_2

‘In the first stages I still could feel the crash but finished two times on third place followed by a second place. In fourth stage I took the lead in general classification by winning and beating Dariusz Poroś who was the current leader. Poroś attacked from the start in fifth stage but as it was a long stage I decided to keep my own pace. Later on we caught Poroś and I even managed to increase my lead in GC on Poroś. Despite some bads luck in last stage I finished second and took the overall win.’, stated a happy de Bock who had enjoyed a well organised race.