Ramses Bekkenk starts in ‘The Munga’

Ramses Bekkenk will face a new adventure in South Africa as he will ride ‘The Munga’. The race with mainly headwind over 1000 kilometers from Bloemfontein to Wellington has to be ridden within five days. All participants have to decide upon their own how often and how how long they stop at one of the five race villages along the route. Between the race villages are water points where the riders can stop to refill with fresh water.

‘I am really looking forward to his race which is is just like Drenthe 200 a ‘semi-unsupported’ race. This means I will have to carry all I need on my bike and no support excect from the organisation is allowed. Last year I gained some experience in riding several days with almost no sleep in ‘Offroad Finnmark’. The temperature will be something completely different compared to Norway as we will race in the middle of summer and temperature can vary from 2 till 46 degrees.’, stated Bekkenk who will start at 28th of November.