KMC mountainbiketeam in MB sportswear clothing

The KMC mountain bike team has found a new clothing partner in MB sportswear. MB sportswear director Marc Boersma: ‘Our entire team of employees has a thing for sports and with this love for the sport we have been able to develop a high-quality clothing line for various sports in recent years. The interaction with athletes in combination with the development of new materials makes our products a little better every year. Whether it’s the fit, aerodynamics or functionality. With the sponsorship of the KMC team, we therefore not only want to increase our brand awareness, but also work together to test our clothing, make it even better and come up with new clothing.’

“We are active all year round with our team. In winter at sub-zero temperatures in the mud during Drenthe 200 and beach races with wind force 8 and rain. In the summer to well above forty degrees through the dust during the Cape Pioneer Trek stage race in South Africa. Every circumstance calls for specific clothing that MB sportswear develops together with us and will make available to our riders.”, says team manager Martin Schuttert.