Gerben Mos wins Bartje 200 again

After his victory in 2018 Gerben Mos passed the finish line as winner again at ‘Landal park het land van Bartje’ in Ees yesterday. Summery circumstances with temperatures above 20 degrees together with a hard terrain made Mos go twenty minutes faster over 200 kilometers of mountainbiking in Drenthe than last year. The first selection was made in the single tracks around Sleen en the KMC team was in a ten men leading group with Gerben Mos, Bram Rood and Martin Schuttert.

´For a while it looked that a flat tire just after the start was going to spoil my party today but I managed to fix it and be back in front before the single tracks started. Our leading group decimated the longer we rode and just before Zuidlaren I escaped with Anne Mark van der Vlag and noticed he was not as fresh I was. On one of the following single tracks I speeded up a bit and was gone. Afterwards I was able to keep my pace and arrived after 7 hours 8 minutes and 39 seconds at the finish in Ees.’, stated Mos. Bram Rood arrived at 5th place and Martin Schuttert finished 15th.

Photo: Homan fotografie