Gerben Mos winner ‘Veldslag om Norg’

Gerben Mos was by far the strongest biker in the ‘Veldslag om Norg’, an offroad race over 100 kilometers for mountainbikers, cycle crossers and gravel racers. The riders had just left Norg or Mos who attacked and Anne-Mark van de Vlag and Ronan van Zandbeek followed him. The chasing group was able to catch the leaders back as they took a wrong turn. But afterwards the early leaders showed they were the strongest and Mos went for his solo win followed by van de Vlag and van Zandbeek.GerbenVeldslagNorg








Teammate Karen Brouwer won the mid distance in a marathon in German village Nordenau. ‘This time I choose the mid distance as we still have a long season ahead and I want to be in shape in October as well when we have our National Championships marathon.’, stated Brouwer.

Photo: Eppo Karsijns