Gerben Mos third in the Bartje 200 mountain bike marathon

After winning in 2018 and 2019 and a second place in 2022, Gerben Mos was again on the podium of the Bartje 200 marathon in Drenthe. The rain the night before the race had made the course extremely difficult and the leading group had already been thinned out to six men halfway through the race. Things were not going fast enough for the strongest duo, Thom Bonder and Bas Luca de Vries, and after the Balloërveld they went on an adventure together, with Mos following close behind. Working well together, they expanded their lead until De Vries also had to let go Bonder. Bonder continued to expand his lead and after 200 kilometers was the first to cross the finish line at the Landal Park in Ees, followed by de Vries and Mos.

“From the start I wasn’t really feeling well in the race and I actually suffered the entire race. Apparently I was not the only one because the leading group quickly thinned out due to the tough surface to ride on. When Bas Luca accelerated and Thom joined him, I was unfortunately just unable to catch up and therefore had to ride more than eighty kilometers alone. From Zuidlaren we also had a strong headwind so I would have liked to ride with them for a while longer. All in all, I am certainly satisfied with my third place after a week in which I did not feel very fit,” said Mos.